How to fly a 2 line Parafoil Kite

Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3Figure 4
Figure 1 - Kite in bag Figure 2 - Kite ready to fly Figure 3 Figure 4 - Kite flying
  1. Buy a stunt kite - (see our product page)
  2. Choose a location and time (see weather)
  3. Review the safety rules
  4. Preparing the kite and line
    • Find a downwind location in the field
    • Take the kite out the bag (Figure 1) and unfold it carefully to avoid line tangles
    • Spread the kite out as depicted in Figure 2. Note the arrow indicates the wind direction and the bridle lines attach to the top of the kite. The top of the kite is at the top of the picture
    • If there is any wind, place stones as shown to prevent the kite from flipping over
    • Let out the kite lines for 50 to 60 feet of line walking into the wind while being careful not to disturb the kite layout
  5. Prepare yourself for launch as shown in figure 3. Both lines should be equal length from the kite and taut
  6. Take one last look around to make sure there will not be any obstacles or dangers when you walk backwards
  7. To launch, pull both hands down smoothly and equally to your sides while walking backwards to bring the kite straight up into the air
  8. Bring your hands back up around waist level stretched out in front of you (same as figure 3)and keep the pull on both lines the same to keep the kite going straight
  9. The kite flys in the direction the top of the kite is pointing as you pull equally on both lines
  10. To turn left, pull more on the left line briefly until the top of the kite is pointing in the direction you want it to go then equalize the pull on both lines again
  11. To turn right, pull more on the right line briefly
  12. To spin the kite in circles, pull more on one line than the other. To remove the twists in the line, pull the other line until it spins out the twists. Always do this when the kite is higher in the sky to avoid crashes
  13. If the kite is about to crash into the ground, relax the pull on the lines to soften the crash. The harder you pull, the harder it will crash
  14. Learn the extend of the wind window that you can comfortably fly. Practice flying to left as far as you can and then to the right (back and forth)
  15. Try making a figure eight in the sky
  16. Try flying down and turning the kite to fly back up
  17. Enjoy flying and remember to tell us about yourself and your experience on the homepage and ask us any questions
  18. Don't forget to ask about group flying tips
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