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Wind Dancer Kite Wind Dancer Kite

To place an order, please choose which model from the following list and call (866)98-KITES [866-985-4837]. Leave your callback number and a friendly staff person will call to take your order or answer any questions. If you don't see what you are looking for, call anyway. We may be able to get it for you. We are in the process of building up our lines of kites.

The Wind Dancer Kite is a 2 line parafoil stunt kite. Because it has no frame, it is stored in a small bag that is easy to carry with you or ship. You can take it out of the bag and be flying in a couple of minutes. Its a great first kite because the lack of a frame makes it less dangerous to others that are nearby. Its also a great second kite because it is so convenient and easy to take advantage of the wind whenever you can. Look at our instructions page to see more information.

Product CodeDescriptionPrice
WD-BBasic Wind Dancer parafoil kite without improvements. This kite has economy quality string for line and is not recommended for winds faster than 15 mph. You may also need to file down burrs on the handles that can snag your line.$9.50
WD-60PWind Dancer Parafoil Kite PRO with reinforced bridle and 60 feet of 30 lb strength polyester line for winds 9-28 mph. $22.50
WD-100PWind Dancer Parafoil Kite PRO with reinforced bridle and 100 feet of 20 lb strength polyester line for winds 6-22 mph. Recommended$29.50
WD-80SWind Dancer Parafoil Kite PRO with reinforced bridle and 80 feet of 35 lb strength spectral line. Recommended for light and stronger winds$36.95

Note that we have our own machine for putting line on your kite handles so we can customize the length of the line on your handles.

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