Safety and care

Kite hits Power Line It is your responsibly to prevent damage to people, animals and property. The following guidelines should be taken seriously. These guidelines will also help you to take good care of your kite and enjoy it for a long time: Kite hits Person
Kite hits Person
  1. Do not fly the kite near people and animals. The kite can come down with a great deal of force.
  2. Do not fly near trees, power lines or other objects that the kite or line can run into.
  3. Inspect the ground near and behind you so you know where you going if you walk backwards.
  4. Inspect the kite, kite bridle lines, frame if applicable, orientation and line. Make sure all is in order before launching to ensure you have control of the kite.
  5. Never put kite line around a body part such as a finger. Damage to the body part can occur. Always use a handle with the line.
  6. Take care to avoid to line tangles by keeping the kite and line under control at all times. Small rocks can be helpful for securing the kite and line while you are getting it ready to launch. When the line does get tangled, stay calm and gently work with the line to untangle it.
Line tangles
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